Photocatalytic Air Purifier SF0P001HP

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The SolFix Photocatalytic Purifier synergistically combines the germicidal action of ultraviolet C light with the enhancing action of our patented photocatalytic compound (AKsep). It not only purifies the air from harmful substances, but kills bacteria and viruses as well  as deodorising the air it filters..
Large Coverage: It is recommended medium  to large spaces up to 1205 ft2 (offices, apartments, changing rooms, sanitary boxes, shops, coffee shops amongst others). Its patented technology can filter the air up to 6 times per hour, filling their environment with clean and fresh air.
Photocatalytic technology: The photocatalytic substance when in contact with ultraviolet light generates a chemical process that destroys all viruses, bacteria and fungi.  This process generates hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which then comes out of the purifier, and cleans the surfaces of the room and purifies the air.
Safety: Our design had been created with your safety in mind and it will not generate any harmful effects on the environment for you or the staff of your establishment.
Silent Silence: Noise levels as low as 20 dBs as the level of a quiet breath, SF0P001HP can quietly clean the air throughout the night without interfering with your rest.
Filterless: The photocatalytic technology (AKSep), eliminates effectively up to 99.99% of any bacteria, virus, fungus or germ existing in a closed environment, without the use of filters. The SF0P001HP has the lowest maintenance and operating cost on the market. This is due to the fact that you can forget about the periodic change of filters, saving you time, money and allowing you to generate less waste.  
Energy-Saving Low Power: It has an operating as low as 120W; which makes this air purifier more cost efficient compared to others in the market.