2x2 Panel Design SKYLIGHT

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Why not make your business an even more attractive place for your customers to visit? Or an even more enjoyable workplace for your employees? Or both?

Now you can include our unique design panels in your LED lighting project. Pick from your own favorite high-resolution image.

Decorative Lighting
An ideal solution for enclosed spaces without the benefit of natural light and an impressive decorative replacement for existing ceiling lighting.

Panels can be made to fit standard suspended ceiling tile sizes and are lifted slightly to give the effect of a roof window.

Alternatively, larger sizes can be produced to create a wall mounted window effect, offering scenic views of cityscapes, woodland or any other imagery you choose.

Versatile Application
Whether a feature to brighten up an enclosed office space, impress shoppers in a retail establishment or entertain visitors to a tourist attraction, our sky ceilings offer a wealth of opportunities.

We can enliven dreary hospital and dental waiting areas or operating rooms, create a sense of open space in a sports gym or enhance the experience of diners in a restaurant.

Or even impress guests to your private home. The possibilities are endless!